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Case Study: 1

Maximizing online sales performance & website optimization:

About Client
Sazrika, a Surat-based e-business, has been a critical player in the market of women’s apparel for the past 1.5 years. Sazrika furnishes Indian and western clothing, including sarees, bridal collections, and more.
Challenges for Tectrom
The utopian world doesn’t exist, and there are challenges in all fields. Sazrika had its share too. The first challenge was the website loading speed, which happened to be a snail. The set target for website traffic was unachievable. Keeping back customers was another issue that meddled with the success rate.
Initiative by Tectrom
Sazrika hired our team, who worked on the website issues and also stepped into digital marketing. We utilized the pay-per-click technique to enhance traffic and brand awareness, which helped them organically. The remarketing strategy was adopted to drive old customers back to the website.
All this toil paid off as the business increased returns by ten times. The brand value is high today and has garnered clients beyond geographical limits. The ROI rate has also improved, making Sazrika a successful e-commerce website.


Website Traffic Increase


Faster Website Loading


Sales Increase by paid ads


ROAS from the Paid Ads

Case Study: 2

Brand Awareness & conversion rate optimization:

About Client

Having a digital presence is essential for business success. Marwar Fabrics is the home furnishing product store that pioneered its journey in February 2022. This new e-commerce store has everything you need to furnish your homes.

Challenges for Tectrom

Marwar Fabrics are new in the business circle and had to fight competitors. Creating awareness and having an online mark was essential as the store had started from scratch. The steps taken in this regard did yield significant benefits.

Initiative by Tectrom

We professionally designed the website and logo for them. A social media campaign was started to increase brand value, resulting in improved traffic to the website. Currently, the purchase funnels are being analyzed to boost sales further.


Today, Marwar Fabrics is an established brand name with a comprehensive digital presence through digital marketing strategies. The business is transcending physical boundaries and getting customers globally. Our online marketing has proved an asset for this startup.


Website Traffic Increase


Traffic From Google Ads


Conversion Rate Increase


ROAS in Paid Ads

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